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Garbage Disposal Repair in Chandler, AZ

Alt TextOur Chandler garbage disposal repair techs have decades of experience with garbage disposal repair. Most of the problems with a disposal can be handled by a homeowner with minimal DIY skills.

The most common garbage disposal failures include loose seating, loose seals, clogs, leaking, excessive noise, and poor performance. 

Here's what to look for and how to handle the situation.

Drain Backup

Alt TextClogged sinks are often caused by food lodging in the small drain line that leads from the garbage disposal to the main drain line. Fibrous and starchy foods are the usual culprits, but chicken bones, fats, and oils can contribute to or cause a clog.

If your garbage disposal is running, but the sink is still clogged, this is probably the problem. All you need to do is get a bucket and go under the sink. Disconnect the pipe running from the disposal to the main drain line and clear it out by hand. Unplug the unit first as a precaution.

Garbage Disposal Makes Humming Sounds

Alt TextIf your unit is making a humming sound, the garbage disposal motor's safety has disengaged to prevent the motor from burning out. This typically means that your unit has a piece of food or debris caught behind the blade. 

If you do decide to do your own repairs, be absolutely sure that you first unplug your unit, second shine a flashlight down the drain, and third use a tool to retrieve or dislodge the debris whenever possible.

Dull Blades On The Garbage Disposal

Alt TextSometimes garbage disposal blades can war out before the motor. This is especially true if things like stone fruit, beef bones, silverware, and other hard (or impossible) to grind items end up in your disposal. 

While it is possible to replace your garbage disposal blades, it's not a D.I.Y. job, since you'll have to completely uninstall the disposal. In some cases it's also more cost effective to buy an entirely new disposal, depending on the state and age of your unit.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

Alt TextThere are two places where you unit will typically leak: at the bottom, connecting to the drain line, and at the top, connecting to your sink. While replacing the seals around your drain line isn't too difficult, if there is an issue with the seal at the top of your unit then it's usually worth buying a new unit.

Burnt Motor

Alt TextIf your garbage disposal motor burns out, it's time for a new unit. The disposal itself is essentially a motor, blade, and enclosure, which means if your motor breaks there isn't a lot left. 

If your garbage disposal motor burns out, give us a call. We can often replace your garbage disposal same day.


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